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Review of A Deadly Trade (or The Second Life of Goodluck Tinubu) by Michael Stanley

This second outing of Asst Superintendent David “Kubu” Bengu is as enjoyable as his first. Kubu and his team are faced with a double murder at a small tourist camp in northern Botswana. And the prime suspect seems to have mysteriously vanished. Kubu is in for another shock when he discovers that one of the murdered persons has been officially dead for atleast 30 years. And why are the seemingly regular tourists at the camp not telling a straight story? Very quickly, what seemed to be a straightforward murder case becomes increasingly complex as the body count increases and their initial hypotheses start falling apart. To make it worse, Kubu’s own family is threatened with frightening consequences that is also not without an element of humour. But to get all the answers, Kubu has to go into the past to where it all began.

The action in this book is set across three countries. Kubu once again proves his capability as a fine detective as he slowly unravels all the threads that connect the tourists at the camp.

The team of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip have given us yet another excellent work of detective fiction. The landscape & culture of Botswana and south-central Africa has been very vividly captured. I like the touch of personal life that the authors have woven into the story, to give Kubu that human touch making it easier to associate with him.

We look forward to the next challenge that awaits this fine detective.



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