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This is a wonderful piece of crime fiction from the Swedish husband and wife creators of Martin Beck, now Head of the National Murder Squad at Stockholm. This book features two mysteries which are seemingly unrelated but the threads get together at the end. A woman has just robbed a bank, shooting someone in the process. The police are already flummoxed by a series of bank robberies in town and a squad led by a overenthusiastic district attorney is hard at work to apprehend the brains behind the same. Elsewhere, a corpse has been found shot through the heart but in a room that is locked from within, with no gun to be found anywhere near. Martin Beck has just returned from a long sojourn recovering from a near-fatal bullet wound picked up in the line of duty. Its the case of the corpse that catches his attention first. His unravelling of the case, picking thread by patient thread, is the primary story in this book. The parallel investigation into the bank robberies by the special squad adds to the comedy element, with a hilarious house raid that will have the reader in splits. The denouement at the end, when both the stories come together, has also been very well orchestrated. Overall, this is a very engaging crime novel.



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