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standing in another man's graveHooray! Rebus is back, with his usual irreverent anti-establishment approach. The book opens with him stuck in the cold cases unit, with the only entertainment offered being the opportunity to needle his boss. When a visitor comes with her oft-repeated story of a missing daughter, Rebus is initially not inclined to give it much importance, but when he spots a possible connection with other missing cases, including a recent one, he finds himself once again in the midst of an active investigation, working with his protege Siobhan Clarke who is now a DI. Rebus, as usual, is a misfit in the team, which is made up of a younger crowd working with defined processes & procedures. Rebus is soon off following his hunches, working in the manner that he knows best – close to the ground and using all means to achieve the results. The story gets murkier with the involvement of Rebus’ old nemesis Big Ger Cafferty, with whom we learn that Rebus now has a weekly drink together, a fact that hasn’t escaped the attention of the Complaints team, where Fox makes it his objective to find some real dirt on Rebus and scupper any chances of Rebus’ reapplication to join the force, now that the retirement age has been pushed out.

Rankin keeps the pace fast, the language crisp and Rebus not a shade paler or diluted. The action shifts from Edinburgh to the Highlands & beyond, to the bleak landscapes that perfectly match the mood that we tend to associate with Rebus.

The ending, while it closes the main thread of the story, also leaves enough threads open for Rankin to bring back Rebus in another instalment. We can’t have enough of him!


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