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I always thought Bond will be good only in the movie format, but this book proved me wrong. This is typical Bond stuff, with plenty of gadgets – including a jazzed-up iPhone, action spread around the world from Serbia to South Africa, and an assortment of girls. The action is more or less fast-paced and Bond is as we have come to expect – suave, well-prepared and someone who has already thought out the moves far ahead of the game.

Bond is sent to Serbia to investigate a cryptic message intercepted by the secret service, warning of deaths and destruction in a week’s time. An outwardly clean businessman who runs a company specialising in refuse & recycling seems to be involved, assisted by a mysterious but very efficient planner. With time running short, Bond has to take some bold steps to get closer to the action, figure out the plot and stop it before people die. There are the usual distractions, sub-plots and hurdles in his way, but the story has been well-constructed with good twists & turns to keep the reader engrossed.

The book form gives the reader greater explanation and offers the author more space & opportunity to tie up all the loose threads by the end. Its a little long – I made the mistake of reading a few reviews before I started on the book and most of them seemed to complain about the length of the book – but in my view, the action manages to retain the reader’s interest all through.

Enjoyable, first-rate thriller from an established writer.


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the blue nowhereAfter you read this book, you will never go near your internet without a little bit of trepidation on what could be lurking behind the scene or inside your machines. Cyber-crime is now getting to be as ubiquitous as the regular variety, fuelled by the universal adoption of the internet. This nice taut thriller from Jeffrey Deaver pits one hacker against the other, each on either side of the line. The story builds up nicely and the finale is the gripping & will keep you glued to your seat. What I did not like about the book – and this probably stems from my better-than-average understanding of how Security functions – is the ease with which the hacking attempts seem to be pulled off. In the real world, its never as easy as this, but in the book some of the hacks seem to be executed with such nonchalance that you wonder why you can’t do it yourself if it were so simple.

Still, that trivial observation in no way kept me from enjoying the thriller. Very good.

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