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Truly Free!

Last week I discovered a great site that allows one to read some of the latest books for free. I am not a freeloader and am more than happy to acquire books in the legitimate fashion, but for those who are not affected by scruples or a conscience, check out this site – http://www.truly-free.org. The site offers free text downloads of 2000+ books, featuring some of the most popular names in Fiction. There’s no sign up required and its a hassle-free experience.

The site operates in a legal grey area by offering these books as a library, limiting the downloads to 5 books in a 2-week window and with a stated request that the reader delete each book once he has read it, thereby “returning” it back to the library.

I think its a pretty good idea, especially for those who want to try out a new author. I wouldn’t condone putting up new books (there’s even all three books of Stieg Larsson’s Millenium series!) for free downloads, but as a concept to try out well published authors, I think this is an excellent idea. As long as you delete the book once you’ve finished reading 🙂



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New banner

Got a new banner for the site. All the books in the header are part of my collection. Managed to get the book covers from convenient sites and then put together the collage using Picasa. I really like it.

Amongst other things, finished reading these books in the last couple of days

The Greatest Show on Earth, Richard Dawkins

Meet Mr Mulliner, P G Wodehouse

Trent’s Last Case, E C Bentley

Shall endeavour to write my opinion of them before the weekend ends.


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Hello world!

At some point last month, the count of books in my personal collection crossed 500, which for me is a personal milestone achieved. Beginning from my first set of books – an encyclopaedia set in Tamil, which incidentally I have never managed to read because I can’t read the script – its taken a long time to hit this number. In comparison, my little girl who’s only 4 has already more than half that number in her personal library. Still, I feel quite good about it and starting this blog is a kind of gift to myself in celebration.

I am quite happy with the collection. Personal favourites include such gems as The Education of Hyman Kaplan, a first edition Wodehouse (purchased cheap from a second-hand bookstore in Bangalore!) and the full Foundation series by Asimov. These are not all, but I suppose I would end up listing all the books here if asked to pick favourites.

For the last 4-5 years, I have been focussing largely on crime fiction with complete sets from such fine crime writers as Ian Rankin, P D James and Ruth Rendell. The Agatha Christie set is only part of the way to a full set but someday I shall get there. I am now concentrating on the top 100 crime novels of all time lists as selected by members of the Crime Writers Association of the UK and the Mystery Writers Association of the US. Both lists are separate but there are many common selections, including quite a few from the top 10. Every morning when I glance at the bookcase, I feel good that I have atleast about 20-odd books yet to be read.

The posts here are just meant to jot down any personal observations about books, from reviews of what I just read to reviews of second-hand bookshops that I come across (not many in India) to caring for books to whatever else remotely relevant. Lets see how this develops!


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