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Patrick Fort is an intelligent boy with a one-dimensional view to life because of Asperger’s Syndrome. He has a clear quest to understand what happens when someone dies. In this excellently paced murder mystery, Belinda Bauer weaves the story of a man in a coma who is murdered with Patrick’s quest to understand death. Where the two threads meet, Patrick realises that his quest has morphed into knowing why someone died rather than how.

The author has captured the behavioural nuances of Asperger’s Syndrome in a a very positive light. At times the murder mystery seems to almost take a backseat, with the focus more on the behavioural trait rather than on solving the puzzle on hand. Indeed, until about the last third of the book when the action starts to pick up pace, we do not even know that a murder has been committed. We come across this realisation only through Patrick’s viewpoint, which is a reflection of the excellent character control that the author has across this book.

I also liked the fact that the author has  given the murdered person a voice unlike traditional murder mysteries. The murdered man has a view almost upto the point of his murder, which was a little unnerving to me because one doesn’t expect people with a voice to then go & get murdered. That was the only jarring note for me in an otherwise excellent novel.


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