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Rebels in Rajasthan 1This is the first book of the Flying Magic Jharokha series. It tells the adventures of Deeya and Vayu, as they try to save their uncle Jadoo from an evil Djinn. The djinn has captured their uncle when he was working in his lab.

Deeya and Vayu have got a code letter from their uncle Jadoo. It tells them to go straight to his house, but when they reach there they find that their uncle is missing. With the magic Jharokha’s help, the two of them find the first key to their uncle’s cage.

Flying on the Jharokha feels fun, though you would never be able to ride on one.

My name is Vidya and I am 8 years old. I have just started reading this series and hope to put up a review of each book in the series. Looking forward to reading the next book.


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