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the man who couldn't stop

This is a fascinating insight into the world of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorders) patients, who are forced by their own minds to perform meaningless routine activities over and over again to lessen the anxiety they feel when an unrelated obsessive idea grips their mind. The author, who is an OCD patient himself and has had to suffer the personal ignominy of putting himself through such repetitive behaviour over a number of years, describes in this first-person account how the obsession takes over & overpowers all other thoughts in the mind. He cites examples and instances which, to an outsider may feel slightly humorous, but which hides the potential terror & lack of control that only the sufferer can feel.

The book describes how OCD manifests itself in people, explores how the condition has been perceived since early times and the treatment options that have evolved alongside. He writes about how some forms of obsessive behaviours are present in other species, how other forms of repetitive action can be perceived as OCD, the influence of religion, culture & traditions on OCD, the triggers for the condition to manifest itself and how it can be passed on, sometimes, in families.

The book concludes by looking at how OCD has now been classified as a mental disorder, with a growing awareness among the medical fraternity on how to treat patients with the condition. David talks about his own struggles with the disease, how he has now learnt to deal with the compulsive thoughts that still intrude and concludes on a positive note that patients and others who may know someone who potentially has OCD have a light at the end of their dark tunnel.

The book is interspersed with incidents, sanitised stories of sufferers and enough new information to keep the reader interested all along. I found it quite fascinating. A condition that I would otherwise just label as quirky and a sufferer as crazy is now something I can look at in a new light.


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