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the case of the deadly butter chickenVish Puri’s third outing deals with the ugly side of that most gentlemanly of sports – cricket. Vish’s nephew is playing in the new cricket league in India and Vish & his family – mummyji included – are at a high-profile after-dinner match, when the father of one of the players falls over dead. Vish gets involved in this case, much to the chagrin of the official police, who are keen to solve it themselves. Before long, Vish realises the extent of the gambling mafia that has begun to control the game, the high stakes involved and the kind of powerful people who seem to have a finger in the pie. To get to the bottom of the puzzle, Vish has to head out to that most dreaded of all places – Pakistan, the land of the enemy – where a thread begins to unravel that has the potential to not only solve the mystery but also bring out some skeletons tumbling from the Puri family’s history. At the same time, not to be undaunted, his mummyji is on a quest all her own to solve a mystery that’s been haunting her for over half a century.

We have all the familiar characters from the Most Private Investigators’ stable – the seductive Facecream, the resourceful Tubelight, Handbrake the driver and Flush the geek. The canvas of this story stretches across the Indian sub-continent – in India and across the border in Pakistan.

This is the third novel in the series by Tarquin Hall and its every bit as enjoyable as the preceding two. The story line is strong, yet Tarquin manages to keep the writing light, peppering the story with witty anecdotes & side-incidents that make reading this crime novel a very easy weekend read.

We look forward to the next book in the series.


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Review of The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

Top class! Or as the hero of this book would have said, “Ek dum world-class!”. I would rate this book 5 out of 5. The writing is engaging and the language transports one to Delhi and the north. Vish Puri is a very believable detective, a cross between Poirot, Sherlock Holmes whom he doesn’t like (“Sherlock Holmes was fiction, but I am very much real”) and Bentley’s Trent. With his trusty lieutenants in Tubelight, Flush and Facecream, not to mention his Mummy-ji, Vish Puri runs The Most Private Investigators ferreting out dark secrets in the National Crime Region that is Delhi and its commuter districts. Normally kept busy with simple “matrimonial investigations”, he is thrust into a case where he has to use all the resources of his team and all his wits to nail the culprits. And its a rollicking ride for the reader as we accompany Vish on his many adventures!

Tarquin Hall’s writing captures the ethos of the north so effectively that we can almost smell the pakoras! And the storyline is good too, with enough twists and turns to keep us hooked till the very last line and page.

Can’t wait to start on the next one.


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